Weight Lifting also Lifted My Self-Esteem!

Anyone who knows me knows that I have also struggled with my self-esteem for my entire life. I always felt that I wasn’t good enough, I wasn’t fit enough, because of routinely got dumped by my girlfriends for guys that were bigger or stronger or had better bodies. I also suffered from acne and obesity for much of my teenage years. This put my self-esteem in a really low weight. I felt unworthy unaccepted by anyone. Once I started lifting weights, after my dad foggiest after Christmas, I realized that I had a lot of opportunities world.

When you learn that you have control over your body and how your body looks, it gives you a sense of power. By using the power and pushing yourself every day to lift more and more weight and pushing yourself to your absolute maximum potential, you begin to realize that you are capable of doing almost anything. And you are certainly capable of making change in creating a new defined body. Once I lost 60 pounds, and had muscles bulging and girls were turning their heads and asking me out, I realized that weightlifting had made me a more confident stronger and powerful person.

My best friend watched me from a distance but wasn’t sure how to begin because he had never weightlifting before and he was too ashamed or embarrassed to go to the gym and ask for help. He also didn’t have the money to invest in a personal trainer so I gave him a copy of my 21 day fix extreme workout program. In this program, it teaches you about basic weightlifting and how interval training and cardio can help burn fat and also help to build muscle. He was able to do these workouts from his home and quickly started to see incredible results in only 21 days. My friend lost 15 pounds and put on five extra pounds of muscle in only three weeks. His results – after doing two more rounds of the program and now he is addicted. Let’s just say that when we go out to the night clubs or bars, both of us have a lot of success with women. If I hadn’t discovered weightlifting and exercise, I don’t think I would be the same person I am today. Being fit and healthy has changed my life not only how I look physically but how I feel emotionally.

Getting Fixed in 21 Days: I did it!

So I’ve been complaining for the past year more about how you have any to lose weight. The thing is I’m a pretty lazy guy. The workouts are going take me longer than 30 minutes if I have to leave my house, just not going to do it. Think about it. You have to wake up, open your eyes, get dressed, make sure you don’t smell bad. And knowing me I probably do smell bad. So I have to shower, dry my hair, dry my body, get changed.

And I have to pack a gym bag and make sure I’m not hungry. Have a snack pack my running shoes and a new pair of gym shorts. Realizing gingers are too smelly so find a non-smelly pair. Clean the gym shorts because I only have one pair. But on a fresh T-shirt wear deodorant and run to the gym. Well actually I don’t run to the gym I take my car to the gym. This entire process already has taken me nearly 2 hours because I’m just that flow in the morning. When they get to the gym, I have to put my stuff in the locker, and I go downstairs and try to find a workout machine that isn’t being used. All of my favorite machines are being taken. All the buff guys are surrounding the machines talking and laughing and I’m too scared of them to ask them they can get the hell out of the way so I can use machine. That means I have to run on the treadmill which I hate doing until it machine comes free.

Finally when I get a chance to use the machine I want, it’s already been two hours and now I have to go home. My point is that if the process I’m not willing to waste time on. I want fast results in the shortest amount of time. And the thing is you don’t need to go to the gym in order to get those results. I stumbled across a workout program called the 21 day fix. My sister is always interested in fitness and she got me doing it. She told me that I would never get a girlfriend of a keep looking so fat and chunky. She’s right. Doing the 21 day fix program has helped me lose 10 pounds in just three weeks. I also use portion control containers to monitor the food I’m taking and it also prevents me from drinking too much beer were eating too many carbs. The reviews on the 21 day fix program are outstanding. It’s because it complete program and you don’t need to second-guess what you’re doing. If you follow the program over three weeks time you will lose weight and that’s a guarantee. Give it a try if you’re trying to lose weight before the summer because guess what, the summer is almost here.

How to Get Fit in 21 Days with Diet and Exercise!

I know what you’re thinking. 21 days? How can you possibly make any serious body changes in that short amount of time. But I’m here to tell you it is 100% possible. The first week is always the hardest, but once you get past that, you will start to develop new habits.  After the first week, you’ll also notice your waist line starting to shrink and you’ll crave less junk foods than you did  before.

What exactly is the 21 day diet?

The premise of this plan is that many people are addicted to carbohydrates and sugars without even knowing it.  But they are constantly reaching for these “junk” foods because their body is telling them that they need it. It becomes an addiction much like any drug would be.  So the body actually needs to be encourage to eliminate these cravings by going on a sugar detox.  The 21 day diet helps to detoxify the body and prepare it to become healthier and this leads to weight loss as well.  Your body needs way less carbs and sugar than the average person consumes.

What types of foods will I be able to eat?

The purpose of the diet is to fill your body with healthy fruits and vegetables that will provide nutrients and vitamins. So you can eat nearly a limitless supply of most vegetable and also have at least 3 servings of fruits a day that are low in sugar.  You will also eat a lot of protein sources that are low in fat while on the 21 day diet plan. Some of these meats will include chicken that is skinless or turkey.  Lean beef and lean pork is always okay.

Do I need to exercise while on this diet?

It is not necessary to exercise in order to lose weight. But of course, it helps out greatly. You can’t expect to get a lean and defined body simply by eating less food.  If you don’t exert your muscles, you’ll never build them. Therefore, when you lose weight, you will get “skinny” but you will never have an athletic build and will just be “skinny fat”.  And who wants that?  During the first week, you might be tired or feel dizzy from the detoxification process.  So I would go light on exercise. But as you finish the 21 day diet, you should be increasing your caloric intake and therefore can exert yourself much more and do full body workouts.  We recommend both cardio and weight training workouts.

Overall, this diet plan only asks that you eliminate sugar and most unhealthy carbs for 21 days. After these three weeks, you’ll be amazed at how much better and healthier you feel and this could very well change your life.

Just got these portion control containers!

So I recently blogged about how its been a struggle for me to lose weight because I went through a pretty tough break up. I’m also an addict of red meat and beer so I’ve been trying to find the best way to be able to stick to a diet through the holiday seasons. One of the things I’ve been wanting to experiment with is trying a new way to track my calories without actually having to count them out each food at a time. My friend is doing this workout called 21 day fix and she’s a girl so I figured the diet was only for women.

But she lent me her workout dvds after she finished her 21 day challenge and I gotta say, they gave me quite the workout! I was surprised and thought that aerobics videos were kind of a joke since they don’t involve any crazy machines or weights. But I probably burned around 400 calories just from a quick half an hour workout.  She also lent me these 21 day fix containers that I’ve been using to help portion control and track my calories. What you do is fill various colored containers up with the food of the day that you plan on eating and it’s a great and easy way to track how many calories you’re getting.  Depending on how many calories you need each day, you fill up the containers accordingly and in this way, you’re able to track how many calories you’re eating.  This is good for someone like me, who hardly knows what a calorie is but luckily, I am smart enough to be able to count out containers. I know each day I can have 4 yellow containers that I fill with “carbs” like brown rice or brown pasta full of fiber.

I can have 4 red containers that are filled with protein sources like lean turkey or chicken and those protein sources go straight into building my big muscles. The other ones I’m less excited about. Green is for vegetables and purple are for fruits.  I struggle most with not having much dairy options since i do enjoy a lot of cream in my coffee and my weakness is cheesecake.

But I know i won’t lose weight if I indulge too much.  I’ve decided to stick to this 21 day fix program for three weeks since that’s extremely doable. My goal is to fill the containers each night before bed so I don’t get too tired or lazy to do it in the mornings before work. I  bring them to work but usually transfer them from the color containers to normal ones so my co-workers don’t make fun of me haha.  Well, wish me luck.  Have a great holiday to all.

1 Year Later and Not Much Progress Made

After having blogged a bit about losing weight last year, I lost all my motivation. I was really determined heading into the new year, I had my goals written down, I’d lost 10 pounds over a month and was really excited. but then Valentine’s Day hit and I found out that my ex-girlfriend was getting married. It broke my heart. And I turned to food, alcohol and chocolate.  Needless to say, I gained about 40 pounds in the past year, and that has got me up to an ultimate 250 lbs.

I’m pretty broken right now, but it’s been quite a few months and even though her wedding is coming up in two months, I feel better emotionally about the whole thing. Though I know I need to work out.  I still have a few bottles of skinny fiber that I got last year and they expire in the next few months so I’m going to give it a whirl. I spoke to my doctor and she said I really need to lose weight for my own health. She advised me to go to skinny fiber america to learn about eating healthy and losing weight with all-natural supplements that are packed full of ingredients that actually promote weight loss and fat burning. I don’t want to gain any more weight. I feel I’m at the point in my life where if I don’t make change now, I never will.

I see my buddies going to the beach and showing off their six packs and abs and I just sit on my couch watching reality TV and football eating hot dogs and drinking beer.  Tonight I got sick of my lifestyle and threw out all my junk food in the trash and drained my beer.  I bought a bunch of fruit and vegetables for the first time in months. I know I need to eat a lot of fiber and I think taking my skinny fiber pills will help stop me from having these voracious cravings as well.  I really need a change and starting to eat a lot more complex carbohydrates in my diet could really benefit me as well. I’ve been learning about which foods are good for you and which are bad. By improving my nutrition, I might be able to change my life entirely.  I hope everyone enjoys the next few week leading up to the holidays and remember not to indulge too much. The choices you make in the next month could dictate your entire life in future.  Be wise or you might live life wishing you had done everything so much differently if you could do it all again. Trust me, I feel this way every day.  To a holiday of health, nutrition and love.  – Adrian

Why Am I Still Fat? Oh wait.. I know why.

Oh the holidays are the time for all things jolly and round. If it is a contest to look the most like Santa Clause, I feel I have won.  I have gained about 15 pounds in three weeks and things are not looking bright. I need to get skinny, well athletic in under 2 weeks.

I kind of stopped taking the skinny fiber pills I spoke about in my last post because I got lazy but this week I am determined to get back on track.  The girl I like is coming back home for Christmas from university next week and I’m going to see her at one of the parties so I need to shed some weight asap.  I just keep forgetting to take the skinny fiber pills like they say to at this get skinny and lose weight blog about how you have to take the pills twice a day at lunch and dinner.  SO, i went to the pharmacy and got one of those pill counter daily tracker plastic boxes my grandma has and I’m determined to remember because I think that is why I’m not having success losing weight.

I’m also going on a strict diet to eat only protein and salad and working out  4 times a week at the gym when my schedule permits.  If I don’t get this done now, I’m going to be fat forever. i really hope skinny fiber is my answer because I have had enough of being fat. All the reviews look really good and i think with a mixture of diet and exercise these pills could really be my answer. We’ll see how it goes!  I’m also going to keep looking at weight loss inspiration photos and quotes to keep me steadied and motivated on my journey to a hot stud muffin.

Using Skinny Fiber to Shred Your Surfboard Abs

I recently started using a new supplement called skinny fiber to help me trim some of the fat I’ve accumulated over a summer of drinking too much beer.  The truth is, I work out a lot but I’m not that great at watching my diet.

I go to parties on the weekends, eat a heck of a lot of pizza and enjoy a few bud lights when offered.  A lot of my buddies laugh their heads off when they see my little pink bottle of skinny fiber in my kitchen, but I started using this diet pill after my older sister lost 30 pounds in four months.  Hell, if she could do it, I thought I could too.

I read a bunch of testimonials online and other reviews on skinny fiber at skinnyfibernetwork.com and the weight loss progress some people have made was shocking.  It’s not just for women, but for dudes too.    One guy looked like he’s enjoyed way too many barbecues in his time and had a pot belly like my Uncle Steve. But after just 6 months he lost about 6 inches off his waist and could see his feet again, lol.

My sister told me that the ingredients in skinny fiber essentially work to fill up your stomach so you’re not as inclined to eat so much.  I started taking it about a month ago and it’s true that I wasn’t reaching for second plates or helpings at dinner like I normally am.  I also feel like I have a heck of a lot more energy now than I did before.  There haven’t been any side effects either, I just feel like these pills make me a bit more energetic and not as hungry.   They’re not magic or anything, I probably would still be chunky around my waist if I was wolfing down eight slices at a go.  But I feel pretty full after 2-3 slices of pizza when I used to feel like I was a bottomless pit.

Also have more energy to do workouts like this:  ( I wish I could say this guy was me, but.. no. lol)

Anyway, I think you should give it a whirl.  So many dudes ask me how i have a six pack and think that all I do is crunches and sit-ups all day.  Before I had a visible six-pack, I had super strong abs. The only problem was that you couldn’t SEE them because they were covered in this layer of fat.  Skinny fiber helped me lose enough pounds to make them nice, clean, and visible. give it a whirl!

5 Reasons You Should Start Sailing or Surfing

Anyone who knows me knows I love a tall wave as much as I love a tall beer!  If you haven’t started sailing yet, you best believe your missin’ out!

Here are my top 5 reasons you gotta try sailing next summer!

5- There’s nothing more relaxing

When you are chilling in your boat riding a nice wave, you feel utterly at peace with yourself and the world. It’s better than yoga.

4 –  Sailboat parties are better than house parties

Inviting all your buddies to potlock on your sailboat is way cooler than having all your friends over to your smelly basement.

3- Chicks dig it.

Something about being on a sailboat that makes them think they are marilyn monroe or some posh chick on a yacht.  And everyone knows girls love a guy with $$$. She doesn’t need to know you got it second hand or borrowed it from your Uncle Frank.

2 –  Surfing is great for your abs.

You want those washboard abs? well get a surfboard! helps to keep you cut and trim when you’re trying to balance on the board!

1 – Sailing makes you feel like you’re a Pirate

As a kid, i was more into Hook than peter pan.  Capturing all those rat scallions and the lost boys, give me a hook and a big boat and you’ve given me the world.  Guess i’m just a big dorky kid at heart.



Welcome to your Sports, Sailing and Fitness News Page!

Hello and thanks for joining us! My name is Adrian and I am your typical beach dude! Love sports, sailing, surfing and keeping fit!

As a kid, I used to be obsessed (okay, addicted is a better word) with video games and watching TV.  I was a big-time couch potato.  Then, I grew up.. and I got into GIRLS and realized that most chicks don’t dig a lazy guy who talks about how he can “level up” and his bonus points.

I met a cute girl from Croatia and we went sailing together one summer and that summer changed my life! I now am passionate about staying in shape, maintaining my hard-earned six-pack and looking and feeling great on the beach!  There’s no better way to spend the summer than chilled out looking good and having a few low-calorie beers!

Here to share with you all my tips on sailing, sports and strength training.  And teach you how I got the rockin’ bod I now sport!  Thanks for coming to my man cave and hope you stay awhile!